Dimension C38B

Dare To Cross The Ice Bridge?

Trapped in Dimension C38B, your only chance to get home is to pilot your escape pod across one hundred abandoned ice bridges.

Steer a course through the lost cargo from the ancient mineral minors, one false move and you’ll take a long fall into the unchartered worlds far below.

Features :

• 100 bridges, each a unique journey, each a little harder than the last.

• Easy to learn, two thumb control but a constantly challenging game of skill and memory.

• Navigate your pod through a maze of discarded mineral crates, through ever-changing temperate cloudscapes, storm force winds, gentle snow, and radiant sun.

• Build up your power and use it to leap to higher bridges.

• Days turn to night fast in Dimension C38B so be quick or hit the long shadows of darkness. Then enjoy a whole new perspective as the glistening sun gently rises.

• Let atmospheric audio keep you cool, calm and collected.

• Pause the game and soak up the luminous graphic skies.

• Stop the game and pick it up another time or another day from where you left it.

• Get support or brag to your friends with Game Centre achievements and leaderboards.

• Dimension C38B is a game of skill, dexterity, and courage set in a unique world of bold shapes and vivid colours. It’s a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases.